Sunday, 5 March 2017

Patience, patience.

Sometimes patience is tested to the limit doing certain jobs.....dolls houses and miniatures do require quite a supply of it and I am lucky in that I do have a good deal, however whilst adding stair rods of the tiny variety even I was in danger of losing it. In fitting the stair carpet I managed to dislodge my carefully glued spindles and newels (they're another trying job) so they will have to be replaced - another lesson learned there!

But as you can see it's all worthwhile when you see the end result....they do finish off the stairs beautifully. They were quite tricky as my embroidered carpet is abit thicker than most.

All the spindles stuck in place again. I stitched a small runner for along the landing too.

I just need to find some suitable pictures for the wall I think...

This is a view of both sets of stairs