Monday, 3 October 2016

A surprise new project!

Welcome to Empire Stores!
Although I bought this new dollshouse earlier in the year I've only just begun my blog for it so please excuse the flurry of posts as I attempt to bring you up to date....
I have no idea what kind of retail premises it is going to be and as yet the poor shop remains nameless but I am nevertheless so excited about this one. I have always loved this property but thought I would never be able to afford it, although in all honesty I can say it was not at all a planned buy! I just happened to be having a look through Ebay one day and came across it and I couldn't quite believe that it was for sale at such a reasonable price and not only that it was located only along the road from where I live! I tell myself it must have been meant for me - so here we are.

One of the things that I love about Empire Stores is the 3d aspect and of course all the lovely architectural details which the Sid Cooke range of Dollshouse all have. This house has doors and windows on all three sides and is supplied on a turntable for all round viewing. I plan to have this house in our living room where it will have pride of place and the space to view it from all angles. It is going to look beautiful when lit up on an evening but that is a long way ahead yet.....

The shop area is a good size and includes a trades men's entrance as well as a private, gated entrance at the other side. Spacious shop windows on two sides offer plenty of display and with four rooms, two staircases and landings and a loft space, the living accommodation above provides lots of scope. I love the little side footpath and have a couple of ideas for that little area.

As you can see the house has been built already and I'm quite happy about that as having built my Jubilee House from the kit I know it will have been a challenging one to make up. The only disadvantage of decorating a ready built house are the problems you face in getting to some of the inaccessible bits and in the case of this one painting around mouldings which have already been glue in position ie. The windowsills etc. Yes I can foresee a few challenges ahead but I know it will be worth it. 

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