Friday, 7 October 2016

Moving inside

I've given the whole of the inside two coats of white emulsion - not brilliant white but a slight off white. I had to tip the house every which way to get at the various bits and used a mini  roller for most of it after using a brush to cut in the edges. Doing this will give a good base for my wallpaper.

Next I tackled all the other woodwork namely the stairs, spindles and newels.
I did these with a Ronseal water based satin varnish.

Then it was a matter of building up all the components to make up the bannisters...

The mdf stairs soaked up a lot of varnish and I had to sand them down many times to get a smooth finish that I was happy with.

This is how they looked when I'd finished.
I still find fitting spindles, newels and banisters one of the most challenging things to do...

Not forgetting the stringer going up the side.

All the doors got my attention next. Sanded down and varnished in the same way.

Attic room

Private side entrance hall with door going into the shop area

Door looking through to landing area

And in between all of this painting and varnishing I've enjoyed quiet, relaxing times embroidering stair carpets to fit on the two sets of stairs....

Now finished and starting to fit it onto the stairs. I just need to add the brass stair rods to finish it off.


  1. Its looking great so far! Much improved already, I think it starts to get personality when the paint goes on, I've had my eye on this shop as I like the 3d aspect. (like your springwood cottage) I can't wait to start my mini's again but I moved house in February so have been occupied doing big things!

  2. Thankyou so much Stuart. I'm happy with progress so far. I hope you can get back to your mini work soon.