Saturday, 26 November 2016

Some serious building work - The roof!

In all my time in this hobby I've not yet tiled a roof by laying each tile individually but on this property I thought I would have a go! After much searching and sighing at the price this was going to cost me in real slate tile, I finally decided on a method which I found by accident at York Dollshouse Fair in June.
Whilst there a friend and I saw a wonderful house with a very realistic roof and when we asked the gentleman whose house it was, he said he'd done it using sticky back vinyl floor tiles from the well known diy shop! Well I just had to have a look so off I popped and sure enough there were some tiles that would just do the job! Slate grey!
First I would need to cut them to size......a harder job than I thought!

On the reverse side I marked out the size of each tile (1" x 3/4") with a very sharp pencil and steel ruler. Next I started to cut it into strips with a Stanley Knife. I got through quite a few blades doing this....  

Once I had all the strips cut I found it easier to use scissors to snip them into individual tiles.
I wondered at this stage whether I should stick the chimney on or not. My thinking was that it would be easier without it but realised it would be difficult sticking the chimney stack on top of read layed tiles so on it went and I tiled around it.
So I started at the bottom of the roof and began working my way across. It was all going well until I saw that the tiles kept moving and slipping even though they were sticky backed. I decided to use pva to give them extra 'stick' and it seemed to do the trick.


And as you can see I've been having a little go at the brickwork!


  1. I am so going to do this with my roof! Its genius and looks so much better than the usual flat roof papers...fantastic post.

  2. Yes give it a go Stuart! Thanks for your message.