Saturday, 26 November 2016

Some little buys

I've started to collect a few bits and pieces to go inside even though the decorating hasn't even begun on the inside! It just has to be done sometimes when you see something you know will look just right.
My Phoenix Kitchener range is one such thing! I know it will look lovely in the kitchen.

Using oddments of wood I've made a chimney breast for it making sure it was a good fit

With some moulding I made the surround

Here's how it looked in place on the chimney breast

Again with some oddments of moulding and a brass tube I made up a towel rail

I cut two pieces of cornice to make the end pieces, drilled a hole in the side of each and slotted in the brass tube

Two coats of paint on the surround, hearth fitted and it looks ok I think.....

I will hide the wire for the fire behind the chimney breast

I plan to put the sink under the window. 

I can't wait to start decorating this room now!

My next little buy is a beautiful, working grandfather clock which I'm hoping will fit in the hallway, but if it doesn't it will look just as nice on the landing I think. As long as it's easily seen when I open the door of the house as  I've waited a long time to have a working one and I'm so pleased with it!

Another little bargain I found was a Bodo Henig treadle sewing machine. This is another item which I've saved up for and it really is such a beautiful piece and well worth waiting for. It has a lovely inlaid table top and the handle can be turned making the needle actually move up and down! A little work of art.

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