Saturday, 26 November 2016

Thinking about the lighting

I have begun to think about where all the wires need to be routed so that I can plan the sequence of decorating. With the house being viewable on all three sides and with having landings behind the rooms it's important that I get this right. If I don't give it alot of thought at this stage it would be so easy to stick something in place and then not be able to 'get at' another area later on.... The shop rear wall and the landing wall are both removable and will need to be decorated on the hall /landing sides then stuck in place before I can begin to decorate the shop area, kitchen and living room therefore wires will need to be in place.
I have drawn a plan to help me work that out. 
In the meantime I have done the outside lights and just placed a few table lamps in each room connected to a socket strip to give me an idea of how it's going to look....

So I have brought you up to date with my progress so far...
I'm so excited to be at this stage and I'm really looking forward to starting the interior decorating now but I was determined to finish the outside first so that the house looks nice sitting in the corner of our living room. I have lots of fun times ahead and lots more planning and thinking to do but the wallpapers, cornices and skirting boards and quite a few of the lights have been bought just waiting for me to start!



  1. It looks great, Kath. I don't envy you the lighting plan - I imagine there will be some head-scratching working it out to get the best possible result. The outside light is very effective.

  2. Thankyou Irene. Yes there has been lots of head scratching but I'm about there with it now! Just awaiting a light to be delivered and the hallway and landing are about finished...